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In 2011, Justin Gignac and his partner, Adam Tompkins, set out to make it easier for the best freelance creatives and creative companies to connect. So they founded Working Not Working, an invite-only network of the busiest, most talented and most sought after talent in the business. Creatives broadcast their real-time availability directly to companies looking to hire them – no commissions, no middlemen. What started as a site focused on serving the freelance community has expanded to include full-time talent as well. Working Not Working's mission is to enable creatives to do the work they want so they can live the life they want - whether that work is freelance, full-time or for themselves. Apple, Google, Droga5, Wieden+Kennedy, Airbnb, Kickstarter, IDEO, The New York Times, and hundreds of other companies are now using Working Not Working as an extension of their creative departments.

Prior to starting Working Not Working, Justin was an award-winning Art Director and Creative Director at ad agencies around the country. Perhaps he's best known for helping create
the original ElfYourself.com and unexpectedly unleashing the world’s elf fetish, with over 1.5 billion elves created since it's inception in 2006. He also has gained notoriety for his various art projects, including NYC Garbage, Wants for Sale and Needs for Sale.

Justin lives in Brooklyn, NY with his pet ping pong table. 


*Portraits by Ahmed Klink

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If you have an enthusiastic audience that would like to hear the stories behind Justin's work and the evolution of Working Not Working, email him. Justin's current talks: How Not to Get a Job in the Creative Industry in 2018 and How to Start a Business When You Have No Business Starting a Business. He's also available to consult with your company's creative leadership on attracting and retaining top creative talent.

Additionally, if you're searching for incredible and diverse speakers or artists for your next event Justin has hundreds of recommendations from the Working Not Working community.



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