In July 2007, Christine Gignac and I started Wants For Sale. We painted things we wanted, then sold the painting for the price of the real item. So you could buy "A Wii" for $270.92 or a "Slice of Pepperoni" for $3. When the painting sold we went out and bought that thing. 

In the first two weeks, over 40,000 people visited the site and the project has since been featured in Daily Candy, NPR, GOOD, The New York Times Magazine as well as blogs and newspapers worldwide. We got everything from a plate of Buffalo Wings to a full Vegas Vacation. If you’re in the market, “Financial Security” is still available for $1,000,000.

Right before the election, in October 2008, we realized we really wanted "President Barack Obama." So we painted his presidential portrait and created 100 signed and numbered prints. All people had to do to get a print was donate $100 to his campaign (Republicans only had to donate $50). In the few weeks prior to the election we were able to raise over $7000 for Obama's campaign, which included selling the original painting for the maximum individual donation amount of $2,750.



12" x 16"